Residencies & Workshops

In The Community

The activism of Motown. The experiences of immigrant youth. Drum-making. Percussion ensembles. Songwriting. Recording technology. Album production.

World Cafe Live’s in-depth school residencies and community programs provide opportunities for music-making, writing, and collaboration through programs that connect with real-world issues.

In-School Programs

These are designed to complement schools’ existing curriculum, deepen learning, and provide new opportunities for students and teachers. We prioritize skills such as creativity, collaboration, and communication.


We engage highly skilled teaching artists representing diverse traditions, who work collaboratively with World Cafe Live staff as well as school faculty and administrators to tailor programs for the needs and interests of each school.

We also create particular collaborations with human service organizations and other arts organizations, focusing on songwriting, music-making, movement, and accessibility. In addition, World Cafe Live teaching artists periodically present accessibility-focused workshops at human service organizations, designed to carry themes from Bridge Sessions to day programs or residential facilities.

We have also offered professional development workshops for teachers, designed to refresh and inspire teachers by incorporating collaboration and hands-on music-making in their own classrooms.


When do residencies take place?

Our school-based programs run anywhere from 6 weeks to an entire school year and may include in-school and/or after-school sessions. Schedule is determined based on school and artist availability.

How do I get a residency at my school?

We develop residencies with schools with which we have built ongoing relationships. We approach each residency organically, understanding that each school has unique needs and challenges. We have a generative, student-led approach to music-making, so programs frequently evolve as we go. We recommend that interested schools begin by attending Bridge Sessions. Contact us at to learn more or begin discussing next steps.

Does my school need to have a music program?

We collaborate both with schools that have music programs and those that don’t. When a music program exists, we seek to join forces and complement what is already happening, not replace school-based music. When there isn’t a music program, we collaborate with teachers and administrators to create something distinct for that school. Our programs are most successful when they happen collaboratively with classroom teachers seeking to provide in-depth arts enrichment opportunities for their students.

How are school residencies funded?

World Cafe Live raises funds from foundations, corporations, and individuals to cover teaching artist fees, production costs, supplies, and other residency expenses. Some schools we partner with have also secured funding through their own sources to help offset costs.

Can you provide a workshop or professional development session for my school/organization?

We’d love to work with you to create an enrichment or training session tailored to your needs. Fees for one-time workshops and professional development sessions vary based on the number of artists involved and the type of program. Please contact us at to talk more.