Kids Rock Philly – Sunday, March 6, 2022


MAINSTAGE: The Music Hall

12:30PM – 3:30PM
Featuring musicians from School of Rock:
Main Line // Downingtown

4:00PM – 7:00PM
Featuring musicians from School of Rock:
Cherry Hill // Fort Washington // Philly

SHOWCASE: The Lounge

12:30PM – 3:15PM
Featuring house bands and original music from School of Rock:
Cherry Hill // Fort Washington // Philly

3:45PM – 7:00PM
Featuring house bands and original music from School of Rock:
Newtown // Main Line // Downingtown


Cherry Hill

Performers: Olivia Barnes; Maxwell Bonnan;  Reese Caffery; Landon Caffery; George Callahan; Clara Carlson; Dashiell Correia-Fisher; Evan Crescenzo; Peyton Czarzasty; Juliana Dellorco; Alex DiPietro; Carolyn Lee Eckstut; Brandon Genzer; Shannon Herbert; Charlie Hewlett; Nate Hiltabidle; Bella Ierano; Evan Illuminati; May Innocenzo; Ian Ioffe; Jack Lilley; Maiya Little; Miles Love; Sarah Montanez; Tyler Morovich; Derek Mosetter; Alyssa Tamburrino; Nathan Tarkett; Ellie Taube; Skyler Van Duzer; Drew Viola; Finn Waldorf; Matty Williams; Lucas Wright



Performers: Devon Anderson; Luke Blango; Reese Blanke; Jason Brown; Lyla Burgess; Eliza Claffy; Nick Conroy; James Cook; Lincoln Cottrell; Tommy Creighton; Mia Danek; Amanda Devine; Ryan Doyle; Grace Dugan; Lilly Dugan; Max Dungan; Lilly Epps; Kyle Esslinger; Tanner Falker; Alex Ferrari; Robbie Fox; Jon Frank; Elara Fullmer; Alex Geary; Chloe Grudzinski; Paige Haltom; Brantlee Harris; Cameron Henry; Gavin Henry; Ricky Horning; Raina Jobanputra; Rae Jones; Harper Kamph; Saaniya Karpe; James Kerwin; Connor Lengel; Jack Lutz; Sully Lutz; Will Manley; Matt Marino; Jaden Marquette; Aiden Merges; Seth Merges; Olivia Miller; Sean Morisoli; TJ O’Donovan; Mike O’Laughlin; Gracie Patroni; Stella Righetti; Jack Ringenbach; Loreena Roscelli; Rain Shank; Brandon Shilling; Violet Strong; Aiden Stubblebine; Milan Vyas; Kiera Walsh; James Watkins; Alex Watson; Mady Wiley; Alyssa Williamson

Fort Washington

Performers: Foster Barone; Alyssa Brodsky; Evan Brodsky; Devers Cesare; Beckett Chizmar; Ronan Collins; Molly Donahue; Jason Emery; Lilah Gallagher; Josh Kidorf; Renee Krier; Landon Kuch; Asher Levin; Sage Levy; Lucy McKee; Wyatt Meyers; Jeff Nissman; Jeff Nissman; Olivia Parkhill; Jamie Paul; Asher Pfeffer; Matthew Pritz; Brandon Purdy; Leo Sanchez; Flora Baer Simon; Parker Teufel; Luke Varillo; Cole Wilkinson; Kristian Wood

Main Line

Performers: Paige Abramo; Nathan Aguilar; Nicole Aigeldinger; Rory Alison; Manuela Valente Assuncao; Harrison Barnes; Matthew Benner; Luke Benrahou; Phoenix Berta; Anna Borrowman; Dahlia Broberg; Summer Carey; Will Christman; Amelia Chuss; Tommy Chuss; Megan Clarke; Ben Cook; Maggie Crawford; Brendan Crawford; Logan Crawley; Colin Curry; Vera Deterick; Abigail Dobson; Finn Elizardi; Emma Fulop; Logan Getzler; Ally Gibbs; Ash Gomez; Joe Hoffmann; Joslyn Hosna; Amay Kapur; Enzo Kelly; Jackson Klein; Sameer Kumar; Michael Levy; Kate Levy; Shane Lofton; David Lopez; Sal Magro; Shane Malloy; Avery Marcussen; Tristan Mayock; Finnegan McNally; Hudson Miller; Mollie Montgomery; Ellen Mooney; Anish Mujumdar; Jude Nieuwenhuijsen; Dylan O’Shea; Nick Passio; Morgan Peterson; Julius Praefcke; Gigi Prothero; Chase Rinker; Eda Saracoglu; Aniruth Satish; Georgia Scherer; Owen Schwinn; Izzy Tartaglia; Megan Thomas; Christopher Wilson; Jason Xu; Lauren Yucha


Performers: Zoe Benner; Maddy Golden; Aiden Goodman; Anastasia Groden; Vince Matyi; Finn McCourt; Ryan Mitchell; Claire Neville; Darroch Orr; Anna Schmidt; Dan Sienko; Jake Tardiff; Stephen Wax


Performers: Mira Brodie; Raleigh Burns; Anastasia Bleu Catelli; Etyane Chau-Brown; Keiton Dressler; Qaydu Emdur; Valeria Escobar; Harry Feinberg; Maya Gigliotti; Alex Ginzburg; Carrie Gobreski; Ben Goldberg; Michael S. Insogna; Viviana M.  Insogna; EJ Lawlor; Toby Lockhart; Colin McEllhenney; Lucia Meade; Deirdre O’Donnell; Noa Pack; Alex Pang; Jake Pownall; Lisa Riley; Isabelle Rowe; Davin Schulson; Hunter Silverman; Isabella Silverman; Lily Toner; Neville Vakharia; Zane Vakharia; Faith Warn; Wyatt Williams; Ariana Zampella; Lola


Kids Rock Philly merch is available for purchase by the Box Office! All proceeds benefit free music education programs.

Limited Edition Show Poster: $20
Kids Rock Philly Tote Bag: $20
Glow Stick: $5
Merch Bundle w/ Show Poster, Tote Bag & 2 Glow Sticks: $40

50/50 Raffle Drawing @ 6PM on the Main Stage. You do not have to be present to win.
$20 for 1 Ticket // $50 for 3 Tickets


Concessions will be available in the Music Hall only. Soft drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails are available at both the Lounge and Music Hall bars.


All proceeds from Kids Rock Philly support World Cafe Live’s free music education programs for Philly kids. If you’d like to make an additional donation, click the button below-thanks!

Main Stage Song List

12:30PM – 3:30PM

  1. Run to the Hills–DT  
  2. Love Shack–ML
  3. Runaway–DT
  4. Sabotage–ML
  5. Perpetual Change–DT
  6. Superstar–ML
  7. Mr. Brownstone–ML
  8. Jack Straw–DT
  9. Just A Girl–ML
  10. Gimme All Your Lovin’–DT
  11. Shadows of the Night–ML
  12. Chain of Fools–DT
  13. Presence of the Lord–ML
  14. I Wanna Be Your Dog–DT
  15. Victoria–ML
  16. Bringin’ on The Heartbreak-DT
  17. Let’s Dance–ML
  18. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic–ML
  19.  Day Tripper–DT
  20. Evil Woman–ML
  21. Rhymin’ & Stealin–DT
  22. The Core–ML
  23. Good Guys Don’t Always Wear White–DT
  24. Apeman–ML
  25. The Clap/Beyond & Before–DT
  26. Heartbreaker–ML
  27. Wah Wah–ML
  28. Every Girl Wants My Guy–DT
  29. It’s Too Late–ML
  30. The Other One–DT
  31. Who Can It Be Now?–ML
  32. Black Hole Sun–DT
  33. Sweet Child of Mine–ML


4:00PM – 7:00PM

  1. Come Together–CH
  2. I Stole Your Love–FW
  3. Twist and Shout–PH
  4. Heart-Shaped Box–CH  
  5. The National Anthem–FW
  6. Skulls/Night of the Living Dead-CH
  7. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It–PH
  8. Song for the Dead–FW
  9. Crocodile Rock–PH
  10. Day Tripper–CH
  11. Cold Gin–FW
  12. Feel It Still–PH
  13. Powersurge–CH
  14. Eddie, You Kidding Me?–PH
  15. Paranoid Android–FW
  16. Golden Slumbers–CH
  17. Forever My Queen–FW
  18. No Sleep Till Brooklyn–PH
  19. Hungry Freaks, Daddy–PH
  20. No Way Back–CH
  21. I Wanna Rock–PH
  22. Mama Tried–FW
  23. Egg Man–PH
  24. Beth–FW
  25. Muffin Man–PH
  26. Breed–CH
  27. Bathroom Wall-–PH
  28. Born in the USA–CH
  29. Sympathy for the Devil–FW